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Circulo de Estudios del Nuevo Pensamiento AC is an independient New Thought Study Center based in Tehuacan (Mexico).  It was founded in 2005 as a nonprofit organization.


Since the age of 17, Angel Gustavo Ruiz has been an enthusiastic promoter of Positive Thinking. He is engaged in Human Development, Education, Non-Violence, New Thought and Happiness Education. He is the founder and president of Circulo de Estudios del Pensamiento AC, a non-profit organization based in Mexico that is dedicated to spreading positive thinking through educational programs. Even though he was engaged in a New Thought organization since 1990 he developed a wider vision about how spreading New Thought in Latin America and he decided in 2005 to open a Study Center where any people could learn about any author of New Thought.

The most recognizable project of this organization is the Club de la Felicidad (Club of Happiness), a project to promote happiness education.

Angel Gustavo Ruiz has the conviction that a better world is possible through the study of happiness and the spirit of community.

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El CENP tiene como objetivo el estudio y difusión del Nuevo Pensamiento. Promueve el Pensamiento Positivo, el Entendimiento Intercultural y la No-Violencia.

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  • 14 agosto, 2017 at 10:58 am

    I am delighted to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Angel Ruiz and his team for their incredible work at Circulo de Estudios del Pensamiento AC. Happy 12th Anniversary, what a momentous achievement. As a New Thought author one of the things I enjoy most is making contact with the global New Thought community, learning from the people I meet who are making a difference in the world, and sharing my knowledge. I greatly look forward to working with the team in future. Congratulations!


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